Yes! The quality of chemicals will impact the quality of your pool & spa water.

Never worry about algae or cloudy water again!

It’s been a little over five decades since BioGuard emerged on the scene as an upstart pool chemical company. Today, BioGuard is recognized as one of the nation’s premier suppliers of pool and spa care products in the industry. At St. Lawrence Pools we are proud to have been carrying BioGuard products for more than 40 years! BioGuard earned their reputation through constant technological improvements, extensive research and innovation.

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ALEX® Water Testing

Our computerized water analysis system, provides accurate results in an instant.

Here accuracy counts and we have it! Our test is fast and much more accurate than a simple dip of a test strip at poolside or a self-driven analysis using a computer or mobile application. That’s because we test for several parameters beyond the basics to understand how they may be influencing each other in order to avoid trial and error. Being right the first time saves you time and money.

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