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Hotels, Motels, Retirement Homes, Apartments, Condominiums, Gyms, and Campgrounds

Your pool design needs to be tailored specifically to your business. We understand the importance of the pools in a commercial setting, and we balance it with the cost. We will work with you and your architect to help tailor the pool and spa to develop a low maintenance, cost-effective asset that works as a primary focal point to your business. Safety is always the number one concern. We build our pools to the highest safety standards so that your peace of mind is met. From Hawkesbury to North Bay and the 401 corridor, St. Lawrence Pools has been building commercial class B pools since the 1970’s. Hotel clients include the Holiday Inn, the Best Western, the Ramada Inn, the Marriott, Hampton Inn, Travelodge, the Ambassador, and more. The specialty needs of retirements homes, apartment buildings, condos, gyms and campgrounds are all things that we will provide to you with proven timeless construction methods.

hawksbury best western | St. Lawrence Pools
courtyard marriott 401 division street kingston | St. Lawrence Pools
SLP Commercial Hot Tubs 3 | St. Lawrence Pools
courtyard marriott 401 division street | St. Lawrence Pools
SLP Commercial 2 | St. Lawrence Pools

St. Lawrence Pools Builds Only The Best.

As a Master Pools builder with the industry’s highest standards our mission is to build you one of the finest pools in the world, and give your family a “Family, Fun and Fitness” vacation that lasts all summer. Quality, service and dependability are the cornerstones of our company and our four locations.

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We service what we sell.

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