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Every authorized Fox dealer undergoes a rigorous training program designed to educate the builders on the proper assembly techniques. Every dealer also has direct access to our engineering team for any design questions that may arise. We know you have access to many contractors and pool professionals, but selecting an authorized Fox dealer will ensure your pool is built right the first time and meant to last a life time!

To help ensure your satisfaction and guarantee a pool that will last a lifetime, we rely on a network of highly trained pool professionals. Possessing a wealth of knowledge spread throughout North America and backed by the strongest name in pools, you can trust in your authorized Fox dealer to be there if you need any help.

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Fox Vinyl In-ground pool
In-ground pool with Fox Vinyl

X-Brace Pool Structure – From St. Lawrence Pools

Fox Pools use some of the same technology used in building bridges, tall buildings, water towers, and other structures that require high strength due to high stresses. Your swimming pool holds thousands of gallons of water while holding back thousands of pounds of earth. In order to ensure structural integrity over many years it’s important that your pool walls will remain intact regardless of external forces. With the Fox X-Brace technolgy, you get just that. Patented by Fox, the X-Brace structure provides 100% support for your pool walls without concern for internal or external pressures. 

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So you have the perfect design, the optimal location, and all the financing is in order; now what?

The Construction Process

Step 1: Excavation: The pool is excavated according to the dig drawings at your location.

Step 2: Wall Assembly: The pool walls are assembled on the perimeter. The X-Braces™ are attached every four feet, plumbing roughed in, and the footer is poured.

Step 3: Backfill: Once the walls are assembled and the footer is completed, the pool can be backfilled, if desired. Backfilling is not necessary at this time as the patented X-Braces™ are designed to support the pool walls independently, even when filled with water.

Step 4: Concrete Decking: Concrete is poured into forms and finished to your specifications. With a Fox pool, you don’t need to compact the earth underneath or wait for it to settle.

Step 5: Finishing the Bottom: Prior to installing the Fox liner, your Fox dealer will finish the pool bottom with a mixture of concrete and sand or vermiculite.

Step 6: Installing the Liner: The top edge of the liner hooks neatly into the Foxite II coping while the remainder is drawn tight around the pool sides and bottom with a special vacuum.

St. Lawrence Pools Builds Only The Best.


As a Master Pools builder with the industry’s highest standards our mission is to build you one of the finest pools in the world, and give your family a “Family, Fun and Fitness” vacation that lasts all summer. Quality, service and dependability are the cornerstones of our company and our four locations.

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We service what we sell.

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