Fiberglass Pools

High QUality fibreglass POOLS

Fiberglass Pools from Dolphin by St. Lawrence Pools

With every pool the first step in our process involves the precise application of one of our 6 vibrant ISO-NPG Gelcoat Colours. The next step involves the application of our “Skin Coat” layer which includes a Chopped Fiberglass Roving and Formulated Vinyl Ester Resin Matrix. Next and unique to Dolphin Fiberglass Pools is the use of a dual layer of a knitted Quadraxial Fiberglass Reinforcement. Our laminate buildup continues with another 2 layers of hand applied 24 oz. Woven Roving Fiberglass with a Chopped Fiberglass layer in between to complete the total laminate. One key feature to all Dolphin Composite Fiberglass Pools is our resin system. We do not add any fillers or extenders to our resin systems. This is to insure the maximum physical properties in each pool laminate and it’s a commitment that Dolphin has made from day one.

Fibreglass In-ground pool

The Composite Fiberglass Laminate of a Dolphin Fiberglass Pool is strictly monitored and controlled throughout our layup process. Our experienced staff proudly manufacture our pools to meet the demands of our northern climate. Quality checks throughout all stages of our manufacturing process insure we comply with the industry standards and provide the best Fiberglass Pools in the industry.

St Lawrence Pools Inground pool with Fibreglass

St. Lawrence Pools Builds Only The Best.

As a Master Pools builder with the industry’s highest standards our mission is to build you one of the finest pools in the world, and give your family a “Family, Fun and Fitness” vacation that lasts all summer. Quality, service and dependability are the cornerstones of our company and our four locations.


We service what we sell.

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