Renovations & Liners


Don’t just change your liner… change your whole pool experience!

There are so many exciting enhancements you can make in addition to changing your pool’s interior finish. You can add stairs, a sundeck, benches and coves – all designed to retrofit any pool. 

We offer a plethora of retrofit entry systems that drop right into your existing pool. From a wedding cake step to straight steps that stretch the entire width of your pool. 

We can even put benches on your step! Imagine a beautiful sundeck that allows you to hang out in just a few inches of water! Or a drop-in bench or cuddle cove in the deep end of the pool. Either are great as a rest stop for your little tadpoles just learning to swim or that special place to relax with a loved one. Quality and craftsmanship can be seen on the surface and we offer some exclusive features. 

Our Progressive Coping locks in your concrete or paver deck and provides a low-profile edge around the perimeter of your pool. Maybe you would like a more natural looking aesthetic? Cantilever decking would be your perfect option.

deep end of an inground pool

Renovations & Liner Examples

St. Lawrence Pools Builds Only The Best.

As a Master Pools builder with the industry’s highest standards our mission is to build you one of the finest pools in the world, and give your family a “Family, Fun and Fitness” vacation that lasts all summer. Quality, service and dependability are the cornerstones of our company and our four locations.

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