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Studies done in clinics around the world have singled out the healing effects of a hot tub or swimming pool.

The benefits of hydrotherapy actually reach millions of spa users whose lives are made better by the calm, comfort and the medical benefits of water. Research has shown that among the numerous benefits, hydrotherapy relaxes muscles, increases flexibility and with water being kind to the joints, gives arthritis sufferers a better range of motion. There’s also no better place to gather with family and friends the year round than in a beautiful hot tub from St. Lawrence Pools. St. Lawrence Pools has been in the spa and pool business for over 4 decades. The three hot tubs brands that we sell with confidence and pride have the same longevity. Sundance® has been making spas for more than 34 years and Hydropool® for more than 40 years. All of the hot tubs we sell at our four locations are manufactured in North America and our suppliers are recognized as industry leaders in product innovation and research. Quite simply, they are the best in their class. In addition to the piece of mind you’ll have by owning a spa made by the best in the industry, St. Lawrence Pools provides you with unparalleled customer support.

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