The Original Spa Solution (480ml)


  • A proprietary enzyme-based spa conditioning formula.
  • Rid your spa of harmful effects of harsh chemical additives.
  • No more skin or eye irritation, rashes, or allergic reaction to spa use,
  • Simply apply once every three months
  • 3 month supply

Directions: SHAKE WELL

  1. Fill hot tub with fresh water and heat (Alkalinity set between 80 and 120 ppm)
  2. Add 1 whole bottle of Spa Solution to hot tub up to 2,000L
  3. Add Spa Solution once every three months (Maintain pH)
  4. Add sanitizer as required, and clean filter regularly

*For first time users of Spa Solution, introduce your hot tub to Spa Purge first (prior to drain and refill)

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