SpaGuard Stain and Scale Control (473mL)

Controls scale formation


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SpaGuard Stain and Scale Control (473mL)

Chelates calcium, magnesium and other water hardness ions to minimize crystallization and scale formations on surfaces in pipes, filtration systems and heaters.

Chelates iron, copper, manganese, and heavy metals to prevent staining of surfaces.

Removes many freshly deposited metal stains from surfaces. Used properly, Stain & Scale

Control is an effective aid in the control of scaling and staining of surfaces.

The lid of this container can be used as a convenient measuring device. A level capful contains approximately 10 ml.

For best results, add directly into the water when the chlorine reading is 3ppm or lower. Do not add when chlorine is above 5ppm.

Weight .473 kg
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