BioGuard Spring Opening Kit

The BioGuard Opening Kit is a must have for all BioGuard pools to start off the season right!

The BioGuard Pool Opening Kit Includes:

  • Power Chlor: Skimmer feed the Power Chlor to spike and establish your chlorine levels (sanitize), increase clarity, and help kill algae and bacteria
  • Banish: Pour initial dose around the edges of the deep end to prevent early algae growth and to control algae growth throughout the summer
  • Prepares pools for the season
  • Increases clarity of pool water
  • Establish chlorine levels to help kill algae and bacteria
  • Prevents early algae growth and controls algae growth throughout the summer
Pro Tips: Add Power Chlor one hour before adding Banish to see optimal results
Size: Treats up to 80,000 liters


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BioGuard Spring Opening Kit

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