Spazazz Set The Mood Aromatherapy Crystals

Spazazz Set The Mood Aromatherapy Crystals set the mood, arouse emotion, and relax your state of mind. Packed with vitamins and minerals, an all natural blend of botanicals, the crystals are designed to help alleviate stress and tension while leaving your skin feeling soft and shine with a healthy glow.

The Set The Mood aromatherapy crystals are specially formulated for use in spas, hot tubs and bathtubs. They won’t effect your hot tub water in any adverse way or leave oily residue.

17oz container


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Spazazz Set The Mood Aromatherapy Crystals

Aromatherapy Crystal Options:

Cosmo (Flirty), Love Potion #9 (Seduction), Margarita (Happy Hour), Mimosa (Celebrate), Moonshine Whisky (Bottoms Up), Sangria (Wild Fiesta), Sex On The Beach (Passion), Strawberries N' Champagne (Romance)

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