BioGuard Erase (946mL)

Erase is BioGuard’s ultimate algae destruction tool used to combat a green pool. Erase harnesses the wonderful properties of copper sulfate to kill the algae to make your pool the sparkling blue that you are used to!

Directions to treat visible algae growths:
1. Vacuum leaves and any other foreign debris from the pool.
2. Brush visible algae from the surface with brush.
3. Add chlorinating product, as per label directions. Allow to circulate for 1 hour.
4. Apply 100mL of BioGuard Erase per 10,000L of pool water. Dilute in 4L of pool water and add to area that has the most circulation.
5. Circulate pool for 24 hours.
If problem persists, repeat application in 2-4 days.


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BioGuard Erase (946mL)

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