Select Series

Select Series®

If energy-consciousness is your mantra, then the Select Series® was crafted with you in mind. With a modern design and insightful ways to boost efficiency, we’ve perfected a spa that promotes stress-melting hydrotherapy without reduced jet power.

Bold deep tissue jets release muscle tension and help you to de-stress in the Intelli-Jet™ Seat. And, you can pamper every muscle right down to your toes with a low profile foot dome.

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Constance® – Select Series®

The Select Series® Constance® spa features room for up to six adults and showcases a contemporary design and performance that exceeds energy efficiency standards.

Victoria™ – Select Series®

The Select Series® Victoria™ spa with lounge seating features room for up to five adults and showcases a flat rail design that brings a contemporary element to any backyard.


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