On Ground Custom Swimming Pools

Ideal for the budget conscious family who wants the look of an in-ground pool without the in-ground price tag attached. Vinyl lined on-ground and semi in-ground pools can be the perfect solution.

Using an engineered approach to design and construction, semi-in-ground and on-ground pools utilize basic in-ground pool technologies of shape, rough pool structure and finished look. These pools can be built in yards that slope because the pool can be installed completely on grade, or partially in the ground and partially out.

The main differences are simple. The pool wall, equipment and materials are like that of an in-ground pool but the on-ground semi-in-ground pools have no deck support like the X-Braces on our in-ground pools and they have a sand bottom instead of a concrete bottom. These pools are also subject to the same installation conditions as in-ground and above ground pools; a building permit is required and there are fencing codes to comply with. Your St. Lawrence Pools sales associate can assist you with the necessary details.

Steel On Ground Pools

Fox Pools Logo - On Ground Pools - Ultimate PoolAt St. Lawrence Pools we will not sell or install a flimsy metal sided above ground pool. We sell and install the best in above ground and on ground pools – The Ultimate Pool by Fox Pools and the Century Pool by Can Swim Pools. Can Swim Pools logo - century onground pool  Both of these pools can be installed above ground, on ground or even in ground and are great for even the most difficult landscapes. These galvanized steel structures are capable of withstanding the harshness of our Ontario climate and are perfect for installation on sandy, rocky or clay soils. Their sturdy components make these pool brands the most durable above ground pools on the market! We have one on display in our showroom. Come into the showroom and kick it. We don’t put water in it because we want you to see this pools solid construction for yourself.

The Ultimate Pool

The 14 gauge in-ground quality steel gives the pool unmatched strength and durability to last a lifetime. It can be installed as an above ground, on ground or in ground pool.

Ultimate Pools Include the Following Features:

  • Maintenance Free Top Cap
    Maintenance Free Synthetic Wood Top Cap pre-cut for easy installation
  • In-Ground Circulation
    In-ground pool skimmer provides better circulation than standard aboveground pools
  • Siding Kits
    Optional Batten Board Vertical siding kits are available for round aboveground and semi-inground applications.
  • Protection Coating System
    Fox’s state of the art epoxy powder coating system provides long lasting protection from corrosion, and is backed by a limited lifetime warranty
  • Safety Ladder
    A roll-guard A-frame safety ladder is included in all Ultimate Pool Kits. This ladder meets ANSI/APSP Barrier requirements.
  • Water Filtration
    Optional pool equipment is available in Sand, D.E., or Cartridge.

The Century Pool

The Century Pool is made in Canada to withstand the harsh weather of our unpredictable winters. It’s designed for a quick and easy installation in even in the most difficult landscapes. The Century Pool gives you the flexibility to install your pool above ground, on ground or in ground, for somewhere in between.

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