Installation Options

Whether you are installing your swim spa above ground, in-ground, or anywhere in between, we have options to fit your installation needs. For above ground installations Hydropool offers their premium Everlast maintenance-free or furniture grade cedar cabinets. It you prefer a stone or tile look then simply order your swim spa without the cabinet and use their heavy duty solid state frame as a base to build your desired look!

For in-ground or partially in-ground installations, take advantage of Hydropool’s back-fillable frame with raised equipment. Hydropool’s exclusive back-fillable frame is made from galvanized steel and includes 30″ access vaults on both ends. Hydropool will also add a raised platform for the pumps and heater to sit, keeping them away from any potential ground water.

Vegas Package

This package includes three of Hydropool’s best and most popular options; the 24″ Exercise Bar, Northern Lights, and Bellagio Waterfall Jets. The Bellagio Waterfall Jets are a water feature beyond all others. The jets operate in sequence and, when paired with Northern Lights, are backlit by alternating colours.

Aqua Fitness Options

Are you looking to use your swim spa for exercise? Hydropool offer several different options for aqua fitness. Their exclusive Fitness Package adds a whole new dimension to your workout with water dumbbells, resistance bands, and DVD with exercises designed specifically for swim spas!

For a more intense upper body and abdominal workout try their Aqua-Rowing Kit. The Aqua-Rowing Kit is a combination of stainless steel oars and resistance bands attached to swivels that allow you to do a full standing row against the current of the jets! You can also add wall mounted exercise bars to help with stretching and stabilizing before, during, and after workouts!


Control your swim spa from anywhere in the world with the iCommand app from Hydropool Hot Tubs and Swim Spas! Control everything from set temperature to filtration cycles on any mobile device. Simply download the app onto any mobile device and connect the swim spa to your home`s WiFi network.

Bluetooth Stereo

Get the party started with a completely waterproof Bluetooth stereo! A 100W amplifier powers two 3-way premium marine grade speakers and sub-woofer while a built-in EQ adjusts frequencies to give you the best sound for your backyard! Control the music from your Bluetooth device, or from integrated controls on the topside display of the swim spa! Also includes a built-in dock with auxiliary cord for any non-Bluetooth MP3 player.