Hydropool swim spas are the ideal fitness pool! No need to turn or push off of the wall. Our swim systems gives you the ability to focus on your stroke technique and enjoy a smooth, turbulence free swim that is adjusted to your personal swim level.

Their AquaFlo swim jets provides a wider, deeper, and smoother current than the competition while their AquaBoost pumps provide up to 720 gallons per minute of water flow and up to 18km/h currents! Their swim tanks are designed without obstacles, like steps or benches, for your feet to hit in the swim lane; allowing you to focus on your swimming and giving you a far superior swimming experience than any other swim spa available today.

AquaStream Jet System for AquaSport

Perfect for the casual swimmer, the Aquastream jets provide a smooth, wide current while the powerful AquaBoost pump delivers 360 gallons per minute of water flow for a current of up to 6.5 km/h. The added buoyancy jet helps to lift less experienced swimmers while the stabilization jets help to keep you in the swim lane to get the most out of your swim!

Exclusive Wide Stream AquaFlo Jets for AquaTrainer

Hydropool’s exclusive AquaFlo jets provide the widest, deepest, and smoothest current of any swim spa on the market! Their wide stream design spreads the water out to provide a comfortable wall of water while their built-in patented fins break up turbulence caused by the pumps; giving you the smoothest possible swim! Each of the two AquaFlo jets also has its own AquaBoost pump, delivering 720 gallons per minute of water flow and a current of up to 18 km/h!

AquaFlex Current Control for AquaTrainer

The industry leading AquaFlex current control is now standard on all AquaTrainer swim spas! AquaFlex allows you to vary the flow of your swim at the touch of a button for easy and precise adjustment of the swim intensity! Perfect for swimmers of all skill levels, the electronic diverter valves  allow you to fully adjust the power of your swim all the way from 0-100%! Compare that to traditional manual diverter valves that only allow you to divert 30-40% of the power away from the swim jets, leaving a swim current that is too strong for less experienced swimmers.

AquaPro Personal Swim and Training Controls for AquaTrainer

The next generation of swim spa current control is here! The AquaPro Control allows you to adjust your speed through 10 different speed levels and is placed on the inside wall of the swim spa at eye level and within arms reach. The display shows time, distance covered, calories burned and, with the touch of the Quick Start button, activates both the swim jets and lighting!