Clear Ray Sticker_3C_HERONow standard on all Sundance hot tubs, CLEARRAY Water Purification system is a UV-C filter that helps treat 99.9% of water-borne pathogens! Used for years in hospitals, aquariums, and municipal water treatment, this advanced system has now come to the hot tub industry! This system uses UV-C light to treat the water, meaning no gas, chemical or other by-products are introduced into the water.

Fluidix Jets

Fluidix-JetsFluidix jet technology, elusive to Sundance hot tubs, is a patented jet technology that allows you to adjust between a steady stream and oscillating massage. Standard on all 780 and 880 series Sundance hot tubs, these jets are truly revolutionary in that they do this without any moving parts! No moving parts means that there are no parts, to break, clog, or scale, for many years of flawless performance. Simply turn the jet face horizontally for a lighter, smoother massage or vertically for a broadband, deep tissue massage.


sunsmart-wifi-appControl your hot tub from anywhere in the world with the SunSmart WiFi Cloud Control System from Sundance Spas! An option on all Sundance hot tubs, you can be inside your house, at work, or even on vacation and still have access to your Sundance spa! Control everything from set temperature to filtration cycles on any mobile device. Simply download the app onto any mobile device and connect the hot tub to your home`s WiFi network.

BLUEWAVE Stereo System

bluewave-hot-tub-stereoThe optional BLUEWAVE™ Spa Stereo System is a perfect addition to complete your Sundance spa. it literally surround you with music. You can easily access a playlist on your mobile device with Bluetooth® audio. The BLUEWAVE Spa Stereo System also includes USB power, AUX input and FM radio. Each stereo includes a wireless remote with an LCD panel that is user-friendly and controls the stereo while enjoying your hot tub.

SunStrong Covers

An option on all Sundance Spas, SunStrong covers are a cut above the competition! SunStrong premium hot tub covers are made with a durable, marine grade outdoor polyester which is resistant to water, mould, mildew, and UV! Stronger than traditional vinyl covers, this polyester will also tearing, breaking and fading colours! SunStrong covers are also 25% lighter than traditional hot tub covers for ease of use without losing durability or safety.