Vectra Fitness 1650 Home Gym

This revolutionary design offers two completely different training disciplines on the same machine, featuring fixed weight and free weight benefits.

Emphasis on Biomechanics
As with all Vectra machines, biomechanics is a top priority. This emphasis results in superior muscular development and maximum comfort. The design ensures that each exercise is performed in the correct position, with necessary body support and with each muscle group moving through it’s correct and full range of motion.

Fixed or Free-Weight
The revolutionary On-Line 1650 home gym offers two completely different training disciplines on the same machine. All you need to do to transform the machine from “fixed” to “free-weight mode” is pull the conveniently located selector knob.

Just as with the free-weight bar, the more you lift vertically with the 1650, the more you must balance. And the more balance required, the more the secondary, supportive muscles must be called into action to guide and balance the bar throughout the lifting action. To return to the fixed-mode, simply push in the selector knob. Vector Bench – Included! This home gym includes our 7-position commercial quality Vector bench. This bench features a protractor style degree indicator so you can set the bench at the precise angle for your exercise. The bench rolls easily on sturdy wheels which allows it to be used with your home gym or independently as a dumbbell bench. An automatically locking mechanism in the wheels keeps the bench securely in position when you are on the bench.

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