Vectra Fitness 1450 Home Gym

This compact corner unit by Vectra Fitness offers Big Gym functionality while taking up a miniscule 6′ x 6′ of floor space.

The Trademark Columns of Distinction
Over the years, the Vectra columns have become the standard of not only excellence in function, but also in form. The elegant appearance of all Vectra gyms adds to the tasteful environment of your exercise room and your assurance of Vectra quality. “Bench-based” not “Chair-based”
Most small gyms on the market are “chair-based” and don’t offer nearly as many legitimate exercises as bench-based gyms such as the 1450. The bench format offers a great many pressing angles, positions that can be used with dumbbells as well.

Additionally, the station can be used without the bench so exercises like squats, calf raises, dips, and shrugs can be performed. Most chair-based gyms are missing these exercises entirely. When personal trainers equip their studios, they opt for the vareity offered by a multi-position bench. A bench just like you will find on the On-Line 1450!

Small Space
If you have limited floor space, the 1450 may be the home gym for you. This machine can be placed anywhere you want, even against a wall and fits perfectly in a corner. And all of the exercises are performed WITHIN the footprint because the machine surrounds you. You don’t want to compromise the quality or total number of exercises that you’ll be performing on your home gym, and you won’t with the 1450.

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