Serenity 5 Special Edition

Serenity 5 plug and play hot tub

The Serenity 5 Special Edition is a 3-4 person hot tub from Hydropool Hot Tubs. It offers a full lounger, as well as 4 deep seating therapy seats. It is a “Plug and Play” hot tub, meaning that it runs off of 110V and therefore can be plugged right into a GFI protected plug, no need for an electrician!

The Serenity 5 Special Edition offers ergonomically designed seating for full body support and cradles your body with wide lumbar support. Serenity’s unique “Versa massage” hydrotherapy system adds the final touch, massaging every inch of your body. This Serenity hot tub offers 20 jets (Gold Series) and has a broad variety of stainless steel jet sizes and types from powerful wide body streams to a penetrating finger tip massage. Each jet also individually adjusts for a truly customizable massage and optimized hydrotherapy! This well equipped hot tub also comes standard with LED lighting, safety grab rails, and Hydropool’s exclusive thermal shield insulation system!

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