Sundance Select Series Constance

Save on operating costs and enjoy all the luxury and smart styling of a Sundance spa. The Select™ Series Constance® gives you the most wanted Sundance Spas luxury features in our most energy-efficient spa.

New, versatile styling fits into any environment beautifully:

• A cabinetry-finish, flat top eliminates exposed acrylic on the edge.
• Rich Autumn Walnut skirting and natural-tone Sea Mist acrylic join the Sundance Spas color line-up.
• Highly durable materials resist UV and weather damage.

Dramatic new hydro-massage and relaxation features pamper you in new ways:

• Enjoy a vibrant foot massage from the low-profile foot dome.
• Cool-down seat makes it easier and safer to enter and exit the spa.
• Patented jets positioned to maximize massage options and therapeutic power.

Complete your backyard with the polished, contemporary look, and high performance of the energy-saving Constance from Sundance Spas.

Sundance Features & Options

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