12fX AquaPlay

Hydropool 12fX AquaPlay Swim Spa

The 12fX AquaPlay has a swim area with a flat, anti-slip floor that allows for a variety of fitness routines. You can swim stationary laps for a full body workout, and run or jog in place against the current for a cardiovascular workout.

On one end, the 12fX AquaPlay offers a powerful swim courtesy of its AquaBoost pumps and powerful AquaStream jets. Hydropool’s unique AquaChannel design then takes over. With no protruding steps or seats in the swim area, AquaChannel design allows for an unobstructed, comfortable swim! Their complete loop current design then prevents unstable back splash by forcing the water up the sides of the swim spa and away from the swimmer. Use the swim lane markers built-in to the floor to keep you in the “sweet spot” of the current, for maximum power and comfort.


On the other end, the 12fX AquaSport offers ergonomically designed seating for full body support with soft comfortable pillows that gently support your head and neck. Hydropool’s unique “Versa massage” hydrotherapy system adds the final touch, massaging every inch of your body. This swim spa offers 15 therapy jets and has a broad variety of stainless steel jet sizes and types from powerful wide body streams to a penetrating finger tip massage. Each jet also individually adjusts for a truly customizable massage and optimized hydrotherapy! This well equipped swim spa also comes standard with LED lighting, reinforced sides, textured non-slip floor, cup holders, and maintenance-free cabinet!

Since all Hydropool swim spas are made in Canada, you know that they are designed with Canadian winters in mind! From their industry-exclusive Hydrowise insulated thermal shield blankets, to their Heat Shield Hard-covers and super efficient Evergreen pumps, see why Hydropool Swim Spas are one of the most energy efficient swim spas on the market!


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