Need Some Outdoor Décor Inspiration?

Outdoor décor is just as important as indoor décor and can have the same positive effects on your mood and even your health. Your outdoor space can be a key part of your house and lifestyle and helps to give a very warm and welcoming effect for your family and friends. A beautifully landscaped, comfortable and relaxing backyard is just what you need to entertain your loved ones and enjoy the beautiful summer days ahead.

We’ve put together some tips to help you get started. Have fun with it and enjoy the many wonderful warm days to come!

Try a Monochromatic Palette

Give your outdoor space a fresh face by sticking to a monochromatic palette. Monochromatic color schemes are derived from a single base hue, and extended using its shades, tones and tints and white. As a result, the energy is more subtle and peaceful due to a lack of contrast of hue. You can pull off a polished look without overdoing it. Choose the essential pieces (wrought iron round table, umbrella, stools) in a contemporary gray and white color scheme.

Ebel Outdoor Patio Furniture

Ebel Outdoor Patio Furniture

Tropical Punch

Want to add a touch of fun to your outdoor space? Try some colorful accents! Give a terrace a bold pick-me-up from cushions in vibrant colors (tangerine, fuchsia) and modern prints like stripes and eye-popping florals.

No walls? No Problem!

Got space? Reimagine a room—one without walls, that is. Create an intimate gathering space that’s prepped for entertaining by surrounding the table with a resin wicker sofa, freestanding umbrella, and fire pit.

Cozy Quarters

Neigbours close by? Achieve a sense of privacy in an urban space by enclosing it with a tall wooden fence or a room divider. Make sure to prioritize how you plan to use this area before making any decorating decisions. For example, if it’s for dining and entertaining, make sure the grill and table are your first key pieces.

Have a small outdoor space? It can still be a fantastic gathering place! Turn your tiny space into a pocket paradise by adding small touches like a fountain, adirondack chairs, or a bistro table and chairs.

Like to Lounge?

Make over a porch with a few key items like a day bed, potted plants or Chinese lanterns. This will make the space comfortable and stylish. Thinking creatively can also help you stick to a budget. There’s no reason why a trunk from inside can’t step in as your outdoor coffee table. Besides, it’s only for a season anyway.

Ebel Out Door Day Bed

Ebel Out Door Day Bed

Dining Alfresco

Dining in the open air is about gathering family, entertaining friends, and escaping from your typical daily routine. It’s fun and different and can be both formal or informal. Be smart about your outdoor style and choose high quality weather-resistant furniture, coverage from the sun, and a solid base for setting up your table.

Separate Yourself

When it comes to outdoor dining, anything goes. But to capture an easygoing escape-to-the-weekend-home feeling, make an attempt to separate yourself from your daily routine. Start by setting the table and chairs on the lawn and away from your home, which will create a dining experience that is unique and unexpected.

Element Square Muskoka Chair

Element Square Muskoka Chair

Seeing Red…On a Budget

Want a modern and budget-friendly trick that won’t involve an entire patio makeover? Focus on a few decorative elements that strategically weave a splash of red throughout the dining space. Red is a bright, warm color that evokes strong emotions like love, warmth and comfort. All things you should be feeling while relaxing in your personal space.

Treasure Garden Cantiliever Umbrella

Treasure Garden Cantiliever Umbrella

Sunny Delight

Dreaming of a lounging area for reading, writing, or socializing with family or guests? Decorate around the key piece: the sofa. A traditional rattan couch gets an instant transformation by tossing on colorful plush pillows and hanging an assortment of festive glass lanterns.

Water View?

Arrange your table-wear and linens on a picnic table and play up the nautical theme (fish motif on linens, blue hydrangeas) with the tabletop decor. Benches work really well outside because they have no backs, which will help keep the captivating view unobstructed for everyone.

Island Style

Even a corner can explode with seasonal appeal. Set up a red bistro table, surround it with green plastic chairs, and hang a graphic piece of art on the wall. Your own little corner of paradise!

Light User?

Even if you don’t do much outdoor entertaining, it’s still lovely to have a spot to enjoy a morning cup of coffee or an afternoon lemonade. Choose a high quality weather-resistant material and have enough seating to accommodate a few drop-in guests. A bistro set may be just what you need!

Kettler Green Bistro Table

Kettler Green Bistro Table

Musical Chairs, Informal Style

Mix and match different materials for an informal approach to outdoor dining. If you’d rather keep the color on the table, add charm with an assortment of casual chairs in different styles.

Colour, Colour and more Colour

Approach decorating your seasonal go-to spot as you would your indoor living room or den. Add some key pieces like the sofa, arm chair and fireplace, and then style with personality and a colorful flair.

Topaz-Sofa-Group low res

Cover Up

If your outdoor space doesn’t have an awning, create your own with a white fabric canopy. Too informal? Or try a cantilever umbrella to add that much needed shade. Have plenty of seating options (stools, cushioned benches) so guests will feel welcome around the table.

Swinging in the Shade

Create an intimate nook for lounging, reading, or just zoning out. Find a spot in the trees to suspend a garden hammock and jazz it up with a few hanging lanterns.

Mix and Match Patterns

Don’t be afraid to take the tame and make it wild! Try mixing stripes with zebra or animal print for a fresh modern look.

Add a Mirror or Two 

Not just for the inside anymore! Try hanging a mirror or two in your patio space – perhaps behind an outdoor kitchen or on either side of a fireplace.

Plant Some Franrant Flowers

Add some eye catching, fragrant flowers to your outdoor oasis. Try fruit trees, jasmine, and hydrangeas. Hydrangeas are incredibly fragrant and will delight the senses. Try adding some twinkling lights in the trees to make candlelight dinners magical.

Add a Rug

Just like they do indoors, a rug helps to unify a space. Experiment with different colours and patterns and chose the rug that pulls it all together best.

The most important tip that we can give you is to  have fun! It’s your space and your adventure. Click here to see some examples of high quality patio furniture and accessories. Looking for more great tips and ideas? Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter!

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