Introducing Soft Soak TRIO

We heard you spa owners! You want your spa maintenance to be simple; nobody wants to mess around with measuring tools, trying to remember if you’re supposed to add 300 grams or 30 milliliters. Now you can FINALLY lose the weekly maintenance headache with Soft Soak Trio.

Developed by Bioguard and designed to make your spa water look and FEEL great (without the need for a chemistry degree!) soft soak Trio is the low maintenance spa care you’ve been waiting for, from the brand you already know and trust.

Simply one bag a week will keep your spa clean, clear, and oh so soft. Absolutely NO measuring required for spas 1300-1700 Litres. It doesn’t get any easier than that! Did we mention Soft Soak Trio is compatible with both chlorine and bromine as well as salt, mineral, ozone AND uv systems?

Take a look at the video HERE and see for yourself how this effortless spa care can simplify your life. Pick up Soft Soak Trio at your local St. Lawrence Pools today.