Introducing the ZR7 Zero Runner by Octane Fitness


Say Hello to Zero Impact Running

With years of research on running bio-mechanics, joint analysis and muscle activation, Octane has invented a new way to run; with the natural feel and all the benefits of running- minus the pounding and stress on the body.

Here’s How It Works

The patented design of the bionic legs enables you to replicate your own running gait. The ingenious hip and knee joints on the Zero Runner facilitate the custom motion and natural stride- just like you’re running outdoors.
By suspending the body, the Zero Runner  frames your physique and protects your joints while you run. No limitations, no moving belt, no fixed path. Unlike any other fitness machine, the Zero Runner delivers ultimate freedom to your home fitness experience.

Why You Need it

Want to run faster and more efficiently? The Zero Runner has the technology to teach you about your running gait and form. With intelligence that traces your gait as you run, the Zero Runner analyses every step, including your gait length and height. This feature allows you to track the health of your gate as you add miles to your run, ensuring you are preforming as strong at mile ten as you did at mile one.

A longer run doesn’t have to beat up your body. Instead of simply adding miles – now you can get more out of every mile by supplementing your training schedule with the Zero Runner so you can stay strong and avoid injuries. For all you runners and marathon trainers who struggle to take a day off, now you don’t have to; the Zero Runner is a great option for active recovery days. You’re still training your running muscles and building endurance- without the impact stress on your body. It’s also a great way to loosen up the lactic acid build up in your muscles after a hard workout!

Octane believes in a holistic approach to running. They built the Zero Runner with input from athletic trainers, physical therapists, and running coaches and incorporated Cross Circuit workouts in the Smartphone compatible SmartLink app, making it easier for runners to preform the parts of training that they sometimes tend to ignore.

We all know too much pounding the pavement or treadmill can wear down your body, stress the joints, and increase the risk of injury. Stay on Track with your training program by incorporating the Zero Runner. For the ultra marathoner, weekend warrior and everyone in between; run healthy, train smarter and protect your body with the ZR7 Zero Runner by Octane Fitness.

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