Energy Efficiency

Hydropool’s exclusive Hydrowise thermal shield blanket insulation system is designed to provide you maximum energy efficiency while also protecting your hot tub or swim spa’s equipment from the harsh winter elements. It does this by insulating the acrylic as well as the floor and cabinet of the hot tub or swim spa. This second layer of insulation around the cabinet and floor both provides additional insulation and protects the plumbing and equipment from the extreme cold of Canadian winters.

A jet pump creates an average of around 1.5 kilowatts of excess heat when it is running. If that pump is not located within insulation then all of the heat that has been created is being completely wasted. This adds up to an average of $0.14 of heat being lost every hour the pumps are running, or an average of between $300-400 a year! Hydropool’s Hydrowise insulating thermal shield blanket reflects 90-97% of that created heat back to the water, which will save you big on your energy bill!

Insulation, however, is just one part of overall energy efficiency. The efficiency, and run time, of the pumps and heater are equally important factors. Hydropool’s exclusive Self-Cleaning filtration allows them to filter the water of their hot tubs and swim spas 8 times quicker than the competition! This ultra efficient filtration gives their pumps the lowest run times in the industry! Their Evergreen jet pumps are also 26% more efficient than the competition. Get a Hydropool and run your new hot tub or swim spa for less time, using less power!