HydroTher and Wellness Programs

hydrother-wellness-programNow standard on all Platinum Self-Cleaning models, the HydroTher and Wellness program offers pre-programmed massage regimes for relief of the most common complaints of hot tub owners; back pain, leg pain, insomnia, stress, headaches, sports injury recovery, and digestive issues. Simply choose the program that provides the relief you`re looking for and let the hot tub guide you through a custom tailored massage!

Tranquillity, Northern Falls, and StarFalls Packages

hydropool-waterfallsAdd beautiful and soothing lights and waterfalls to any Self-Cleaning hot tub with the Tranquillity and Northern Falls Packages!

HydroSequence Massage

The HydroSequence Massage is a hydrotherapy seat that features 8 jets that pulsate in a random pattern, offering a hydrotherapy experience like no other!


hydropool-icommandControl your hot tub from anywhere in the world with the iCommand app from Hydropool hot tubs! Control everything from set temperature to filtration cycles on any mobile device. Simply download the app onto any mobile device and connect the hot tub to your home`s WiFi network.

Bluetooth Stereo

hot-tub-stereo-speakerGet the party started with a completely waterproof Bluetooth stereo! A 100W amplifier powers two 3-way premium marine grade speakers and sub-woofer while a built-in EQ adjusts frequencies to give you the best sound for your backyard! Control the music from your Bluetooth device, or from integrated controls on the topside display of the hot tub! Also includes a built-in dock with auxiliary cord for any non-Bluetooth MP3 player.