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Offering the Best Quality, Canadian Made Replacement Hot Tub Covers for Belleville, Brockville, Kingston and Cornwall!

Is your old hot tub cover getting heavy and hard to lift? Does water sit on the cover for days after a rain? Are the corners beginning to lift off of the hot tub? It may be time to replace it. Over time hot tub covers will become waterlogged, losing much of their insulating value and becoming harder to move. For a thorough explanation on when it’s time to replace your cover check out our hot tub cover replacement blog entry.

Here at St. Lawrence Pools we offer the best quality Canadian made, environmentally friendly, CFC free foam insulating covers. All of our replacement hot tub covers are custom made to fit your hot tub and include a full foam sealer to fully insulate the space between the two sides of the cover; allowing for the best possible insulating value. They are made using a marine grade vinyl with UV and mildew inhibitors for the top and a PVC coated polyester liner which is mildew and chlorine resistant. Other covers use a woven polyethylene liner that allows moisture to more easily break down the protective vapour barrier and saturate the foam, reducing the life of the cover.

Our premium replacement hot tub covers are made for the winter with a 1.5lb foam density and aluminum backing for superior strength when dealing with heavy snow and ice loads. This premium foam is made in Canada, is CFC free and is tapered to allow snow, ice and rain to run off. They also come standard with a 4ml vapour barrier wrap, twice as thick as most replacement covers!


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What if you could access your hot tub with the simple turn of a key without ever again having to struggle with opening a cover or removing snow, ice or other debris?

Covana systems are more than just hot tub covers. They are also completely automated gazebos which offer you maximum comfort, safety and intimacy! Made in Canada using state-of-the-art materials, Covana hot tub covers are designed to endure the harshest climates; all while saving you money on unnecessary water loss, heating bills and maintenance products.

Closed: Its water-tight seal reduces the spa’s heating costs due to its superior insulation value while, at the same time, can be locked to prevent undesirable access; protecting your investment for as long as you own it!

Open: Within 20 seconds, you have a modern, elegant gazebo that protects you against storms and harmful ultraviolet radiation, providing you with an intimate, private space where you can dream, think and reflect, thanks to optional retractable shades.

Covana Legend swim spa cover Covana Oasis hot tub cover, closed Covana Oasis hot tub cover with island shade Covana Oasis with lights and zen shade Covana Evolution hot tub cover