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Treadmills are a favourite of fitness enthusiasts because they are easy to use and control, you can multitask, they improve your health and they provide a diverse workout. They provide excellent aerobic exercise, and can be used by a diverse group of people, at all fitness levels. Beginners flock to treadmills because they can start using them by doing something they do daily anyway: walk. As endurance and stamina builds, your treadmill will be right there with you, helping you reach your fitness goals!

At St. Lawrence Pools we carry the best in treadmill brands. You can be confident that when you come in to our store we will work with you to choose the best treadmill for your lifestyle, budget and fitness goals.

When using your treadmill, you need to feel safe and secure. You don’t want to be wobbling around or worried that you will fall. You need a sturdy, durable machine, with excellent features, made from the best materials, and from a proven company. Confidence comes from knowing you’re equipped for the task.

As with all of our products, we carry the best brands and offer excellent value. We are there with you before your purchase, helping you chose the best machine for your lifestyle. We’re there during the purchase, ensuring a smooth, easy transaction and delivery, and after your purchase, to answer any question you may have. If in the unlikely event you need to service your machine, we have a full service department at your disposal. All of our treadmill brands have excellent warranties, and some come with a lifetime warranty!

We encourage you to come to our showroom and try out the machines. Don’t forget your sneakers!

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