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Introducing Soft Soak TRIO

We heard you spa owners! You want your spa maintenance to be simple; nobody wants to mess around with measuring tools, trying to remember if you’re supposed to add 300 grams or 30 milliliters. Now you can FINALLY lose the weekly maintenance headache with Soft Soak Trio.

Developed by Bioguard and designed to make your spa water look and FEEL great (without the need for a chemistry degree!) soft soak Trio is the low maintenance spa care you’ve been waiting for, from the brand you already know and trust.

Simply one bag a week will keep your spa clean, clear, and oh so soft. Absolutely NO measuring required for spas 1300-1700 Litres. It doesn’t get any easier than that! Did we mention Soft Soak Trio is compatible with both chlorine and bromine as well as salt, mineral, ozone AND uv systems?

Take a look at the video HERE and see for yourself how this effortless spa care can simplify your life. Pick up Soft Soak Trio at your local St. Lawrence Pools today.


Why buy from an AUTHORIZED BioGuard Dealer?

The BioGuard Difference

It’s been a little over five decades since BioGuard emerged on the scene as an upstart pool chemical company. Today, BioGuard is recognized as one of the nation’s premier suppliers of pool and spa care products in the industry. At St. Lawrence Pools we are proud to have been carrying BioGuard products for more than 40 years! We are an authorized  Platinum BioGuard dealer.

BioGuard earned their reputation through constant technological improvements, extensive research and innovation. St. Lawrence Pools, a Master Pools Guild member, is known for its integrity, dependability and service. It makes sense that two upstanding companies work together! So, what’s the BioGuard difference?

 The Difference is Our People

In order to be a BioGuard Platinum dealer it is essential to be a pool and spa care professional. Authorized BioGuard dealers are trained to give dependable, accurate, and helpful advice. With regular access to education and training, we are always prepared to give you the best solution for your pool and spa care needs. We are proud to be a BioGuard Platinum Dealer.

Buying your pool and spa chemicals from an authorized BioGuard dealer is very important. When you buy from St. Lawrence Pools you know that you can trust that our products are authentic and safe, not expired and are in their original packaging. You know what you are buying and can feel confident in your purchase. Plus, with our extensive training and product knowledge, you can trust that we will be there for you to answer any questions that you may have.

The Difference is Our Products

We encourage the program approach to pool care. Simply put, it’s the easiest way to sparkling clear, pool water. BioGuard’s products are developed to be convenient and effortless. You’ll spend only minutes per week maintaining beautiful pool water.

The Difference is Our Solutions

BioGuard pioneered the idea of computerized pool water analysis and they have continued to research and refine the process. The result? The fastest and most accurate water testing in the pool and spa industry. Our Water Care Specialists do all the work. All you have to do is bring in a water sample from your pool or spa to us and you’ll receive personalized instructions for start-up, closing and maintenance. Regular water testing is essential to keep your pool safe and well maintained.

St. Lawrence Pools and BioGuard work together to ensure you never miss a poolside memory.

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