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The Ultimate Pool Party Planner: A Checklist

Kids' Pool Party

Kids’ Pool Party

Ahhhh, a swimming pool. There’s nothing quite like it! A swimming pool is most certainly a private oasis or backyard vacation for close friends and family. But why stop there? Share the fun with a pool party for classmates, coworkers or neighbours! Whether it’s an end of school celebration for the kids, or a mid-summer lounge with friends, or even an end of summer bash, a pool party is on the top of everyone’s list of great summer fun. We’ve compiled some important tips to help make your party a serious splash with your guests!
The following tips and suggestions will help make your swimming pool party planning a breeze.

1. Choose a theme: Hawaiian Luau. Surf’s Up. Inflatable Fun. There are all kinds of fun products on the market to deck out your swimming pool in a chosen theme or style. The best rule of thumb here is… whatever floats your boat! Have fun with it!

2. Invitations: Set the stage for your pool party by sending invitations that highlight your theme. Invitations can be homemade of store bought. Check out your local dollar store for some great ideas. There are a lot of online options to create your own as well. Also be sure to include anything that your guests need to bring – sunscreen, beach towel, covered dish or snack, drinks, etc.

3. Safe water: Make sure to have your water tested before your party. You want your water chemistry to be balanced and safe for swimmers. Come on in to see us. We offer free water testing at all four of our retail locations in Kingston, Belleville, Brockville and Cornwall!

4. Decorations: Turn your backyard swimming pool into a tropical oasis with inflatable palm trees, tiki statues and tiki torches (citronella ones can provide protection from pesky insects). For an evening pool party, create ambience by hanging paper lanterns over the pool. Drape brightly colored beach towels over chairs for each of your guests. Sprinkle a runner of sand across a table and place some seashells or a candle in the center for a beachy feel.

Pool Party Decorations

Pool Party Decorations

5. Chairs: Make sure you’ve got plenty of lounge and beach chairs around the swimming pool for your guests. And don’t forget to put some in the shade! Need some quality patio furniture to dress up your deck? We have lot’s in stock!

6. Activities: Have plenty of rafts available for adults and inflatable beach balls and innertubes, as well as diving sticks and other water toys. Having a children’s birthday party? Balloons make a colorful fun addition to swimming pools – hang them up or let them float on top of the water.

7. Food: Grilling out by the swimming pool is always a good choice-the smells and sounds add sizzle to your pool party. Have a condiment tray available and serve snacks that won’t spoil in the sun, such as tortilla chips and salsa, pretzels, crackers, fruit and veggies. Serve the food on plastic recyclable plates (keep all breakables away from the swimming pool) with plastic eating utensils. Don’t forget to have some great vegetarian options available like veggie burgers and veggie dogs.

Pool Party Food Table

Pool Party Food Table – St. Lawrence Pools

8. Beverages: Fill a cooler up with bottled waters, lemonade, sodas, juice boxes and ‘grownup drinks’ and keep plenty of ice on hand.

9. Music: Play your favorite summer tunes outside on waterproof speakers. If you don’t have waterproof speakers, make sure you keep your radio or stereo far enough away from splash zone!

10. Shade spots: Provide guests with some shelter from the hot summer sun! If you don’t have trees in your yard that provide shade, be sure to provide a beach umbrella, a canopy or extra sunhats.

11. Bug Spray: Keep those uninvited pesky guests away!

12. First Aid Kit: A standard for any swimming pool.

13. Supervision: Always make sure that an adult is supervising children in the swimming pool at all times. Designate an adult or have adult’s takes shifts. Ensure that the supervisor knows that they must keep their eyes on the pool at all times, including scanning the bottom of the pool. No cell phones or any other forms of distraction should be allowed. You could even have a pool supervisor badge or neck card for the supervisor to wear. Get your free neck card at St. Lawrence Pools.

Water Watcher Card

Water Watcher Card

14. Stuff to have on hand: Sunscreen, extra towels, plastic bags for people to take home their wet swimming suits and towels.

Use this as a guideline but make your own pool party checklist based on the theme you’ve chosen and the guests you’ve invited. It only takes a few minutes, and with this as a starter for your own pool party-you’re well on your way to throwing a bash your family and friends are sure to remember!

Come in to see our great selection of pool toys and accessories, including pool noodles, diving toys, swimming diapers, floating chairs and so much more! Visit us online at www.stlawrencepools.ca, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter!

Most importantly, have fun!

Pool Parties Create Smiles!

Pool Parties Create Smiles!

7 Quick Tips – Open Your Swimming Pool This Season

St. Lawrence Pools Swimming Pool

Clean, Clear Pool Water

Now is the time to open your swimming pool!

While we wait for warmer temperatures, (it’s been a long time coming!), we are anxiously anticipating jumping in the pool, relaxing on the pool deck, and spending time with family and friends. In order to prevent algae growth and other issues, it’s best to open your pool early. In fact, now is the time! Here are some helpful tips to help you open your pool easily this season.

  1. Check your equipment. Your equipment has been sitting dormant for the winter. It’s important to check everything over to make sure everything is still in operating condition.
  2. Check expiration dates on chemicals. If you have leftover chemicals from last year, check for expiration dates to make sure all chemicals are still in working condition. Also check for leaks in the bottles or spillage in your chemical containment area. It might be a good idea to clean up the area too, and get it all spic and span for the upcoming season. Remember, all liquids that may have frozen over the winter should be replaced.
  3. Bring the pool water up to swim level, usually half way up your skimmer opening. You can use your hose in the backyard to get this level up if necessary.
  4. Scoop out any large debris that has fallen into the swimming pool. Leaves, twigs, etc. in the pool can clog your pool cleaner or vacuum hose, so best to skim those out before you start up the cleaner.
  5. Add an opening kit when you start your pool. BioGuard makes a great opening kit for pools up to 80,000 litres which combines two important opening products. The kit includes 1 KG of Power Chlor and 1 Litre of Banish Algicide. This Kit has everything you need to open your pool.
  6. Test your water chemistry. Bring us your water for free testing! We will use our computerized water lab to thoroughly analyze your water to ensure you have balanced water, ensuring safety of swimmers and maintain the longevity of your equipment.
  7. Get ready to start swimming! Gather your family and friends and enjoy your swimming pool!


If the spring stays cool ask us about solar/gas/electric heaters. Don’t let Mother Nature dictate how you intend to use your pool this summer. With a wide selection available, trust one of our trained staff members to bring the warmth back into your pool.

Looking for more backyard inspiration? Visit www.stlawrencepools.ca to see our beautiful collections of patio furniture, hot tubs and swimming pool accessories. Feeling social? Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter @stlawrencepools. Happy swimming!

Family enjoying their swimming pool

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