Vertical Boat Lifts for Kingston, Belleville, Brockville, Cornwall and Surrounding Areas.

FLOE Vertical Boat Lifts

FLOE vertical boat lifts are the most technologically advanced boat lifts in the industry! From their patented Easy-Level legs, to their revolutionary Vertical Screw Drive (VSD) drive trains, FLOE vertical boat lifts are the easiest to own and longest lasting boat lift you will find!

Quality built for many years of enjoyment, all FLOE vertical boat lifts are made of custom engineered extruded aluminum with stainless steel and aluminum fasteners. Their bolt through design with modular components eliminate structural welds that can crack and fatigue over time! This unique design also allows the main frame beam to lower to 9.5″ from the ground, allowing a FLOE vertical lift to operate in shallower water depths than the competition!

Easy-Level Leveling System

With the patented Easy-Level leg system and a cordless drill, you can effortlessly install and level your boat lift in just minutes! Simply turn the nut inside the leg to adjust lift up or down. This allows for infinite adjustment and does not limit you to incremental holes. This extremely simple leveling system also comes in handy for seasonal adjustments as the water level changes throughout the year.

Easy-Level leveling legs are standard on every FLOE vertical boat lifts.  No need to purchase extra leveling systems that add cost and weight to your boat lift!

VSD Drive Train

FLOE vertical boat lifts can be equipped with either a manual, 12V DC electric winch, or VSD (vertical screw drive) drive train to raise and lower your boat. VSD is the most advanced drive train available in the market today. It offers long lasting, smooth, whisper quiet operation. Rated for 20,000 cycles at 10,000 lbs, super efficient 24V motor will lift a 3500lb boat 177 times on a single battery charge!


  • Greater boat protection. With FLOE’s extra deep fabric and framework, your canopy will not blow in or up and will keep your boat fully covered.
  • Upscale style with tailor-fit fabric for a refined look.
  • Fabric is held taut with FLOE’s exclusive Quick-Clip™ fabric attachment system.
  • FLOE uses premium-grade solution dyed fabric. It has a more luxurious look and weighs 50% less than comparable vinyl fabrics for easy removal and installation.
  • SDP fabric is urethane coated, UV protected and has rip-resistant technology.
  • Many canopy lengths and widths are available to accommodate a variety of watercraft lengths.
  • Canopy frames adjust vertically and horizontally for perfect boat coverage.
  • Full length seams are heat sealed to eliminate leaks.

FLOE offers a complete line of vertical boat lifts and pontoon lifts with extra deep canopies ranging in capacities from 2000 lbs to 10,000 lbs and are backed by a 15 year limited warranty! FLOE boat lifts work in the greatest range of water depths and offer the most protection for your watercraft!