Roll-In Dock Systems for Kingston, Belleville, Brockville and Cornwall

FLOE International Roll-In Docks

Designed to work in up to 8 1/2 feet of water, FLOE roll-in docks are strongest and easiest to maintain docks in the industry! Available in a variety of lengths and widths and easily connected in any configuration, FLOE roll-in docks are the most customizable roll-in docks available, the only limit is your imagination!

FLOE’s bridge type truss structure offer the highest strength to weight ratio available, and it’s open design allows water to simply pass through, keeping your roll-in dock in place! FLOE roll-in dock also use lightweight aluminum decks that require no maintenance, and don’t need to be removed when taking the dock out in the fall! Choose between grey or their industry-exclusive Alumagrain finish!

Easy Level Legs

Tired of getting into the cold spring water to level your dock? FLOE’s Easy-Level Support Legs make leveling your dock quick and painless! Simply use your level and a standard cordless drill to effortlessly level each section independently with FLOE’s topside aluminum screw-jack system. Double braced and available in five sizes depending on water depth, FLOE’s Easy-Level legs give their docks a leg up on the competition!

Quick Connects

Quickly and easily link together the sections of your new roll-in dock using FLOE’s Quick Connects. Quick connects are industry exclusive clips that offer two different positions. In the Transport position, dock sections have a gap. This allows them to pivot, allowing multiple sections to be pulled in and out of the water with ease! In the Locked position, dock sections are held securely together. This unique clip also allows you to to quickly and easily add or disconnect sections and can be added anywhere; allowing you to create completely customized dock configurations!