Docks and Boat Lifts

St. Lawrence Pools is your area authorized dealer for both FLOE Boat Docks and Naylor Systems.

FLOE Boat Docks

Floe-Logo-Main-Large-Image-21 - Boat DocksFLOE International began in 1983 when founder Wayne Floe, at the age of 19, designed his first boat lift. This boat lift was unlike any other on the market. It had a roller bunk bed on a twin winch vertical lift. This lift allowed you to literally drive the boat up and out of the water. Once out of the boat all you had to do was crank the rear winch up and out of the water. This first lift was used for over a decade and is still functional and now on display at FLOE headquarters!

Throughout the journey and going forward, FLOE always has and will stay true to delivering only innovative products that deliver value to customers that just isn’t available on the others. St. Lawrence Pools is proud to carry FLOE boat docks and lifts. Want the best? Go with the FLOE!

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