Weber Gas Barbecues

Natural gas or propane barbecues offer convenience and control. These grills will heat up in minutes, meaning you could be eating in as little as 20-30 minutes! They are easy to start, hold temperatures steadily yet we can crank them up and cool them down rapidly, they can be configured for indirect and multi-zone cooking, and they are easy to clean! Backed by Weber’s 10 year warranty and our award winning service, you really can’t go wrong getting your new gas or propane barbecue from St. Lawrence Pools!

The Weber Cooking System

Since introducing the ever first gas grill in 1971, Weber has remained on the cutting edge of gas grill technology. The Weber Cooking System gives you consistent, even cooking, with no flare-ups or cold spots! It all starts with their burners, which are protected by flavourizer bars. These bars stop juices from hitting the burners and causing flare-ups. As the juices hit the hot flavourizer bars, they vaporize, releasing smoke that further flavours your food!

Looking to get that steakhouse quality sear on your steak? Look for the sear station built into select models! Need to cook something in a pot or pan? Don’t go to your kitchen, cook it right on your Weber grill using one of their side burners built into the side shelf of select models.

Built in thermometers let you dial in your exact desired temperature for consistent results every time! A fuel gauge attached to the gas tank lets you know when it’s time to change the tank so you never run out of fuel while cooking!

Weber Spirit Series

Weber Genesis Series

Weber Summit Series