Whether you are looking for high, searing heat to get the perfect medium-rare steak, or the slow cooked, smoky taste for your next rack of ribs, look no further than Weber charcoal grills and smokers!

Why Charcoal Grills?

Simply put, charcoal barbeques can get hotter than natural gas or propane barbeques. Steakhouses typically sear their steaks at between 800 and 1200 degrees! While most barbeques can only reach temperatures of around 500 degrees, charcoal barbeques can reach temperatures of up to 900 degrees for the perfect steakhouse quality sear!

Charcoal also produces much more flavourful smoke than natural gas or propane, adding extra flavour to your food! You can even add wood chips to your Weber charcoal barbeque or smoker for added smoky flavour! Put your food away from the coals to get that slow cooked, smoke infused flavour found in the best ribs and pulled pork!

Weber Original Kettle, Master-Touch Charcoal Grills, and Smokey Mountain Smokers

Backed by Weber’s 10 year warranty, Weber charcoal grills and smokers are quality built from the best materials to give you years of trouble free barbecuing! All Weber charcoal barbeques and smokers are made of high grade steel with a porcelain enameled coating for added durability and to inhibit rust. Built-in thermometers allow you to easily see when it is time to add more charcoal and aluminum dampers allow you to adjust air flow for the perfect cook, every time! The One-Touch Cleaning System makes getting rid of excess ash easy, keeping it out of your food!

Smokey Mountain Smoker