In 1985, Traeger implemented wood pellet technology for barbecue fuel, creating wood pellets from local, aged orchard trees, chipping them up, grinding them into sawdust, and compressed it into pellets. Shortly thereafter, Traeger invented an auger to turn the pellets from a hopper into a fire pot where convection air is infused, and food is cooked via convection heat. All powered by an electrical plug, it’s as simple as turning a gas grill on.

How They Work

Simply load the hopper of your new Traeger grill with wood pellets and set your desired temperature. The auger then feeds pellets into fire pot, where they are ignited. The induction fan then circulates the rich, hardwood smoke throughout the cook chamber for even heat. A built-in thermometer monitors the internal temperature, adjusting the auger to keep your food at your desired temperature!

Why Hardwood?

Wood pellets are 100% natural and clean fuel that produces primal flavor thru the wood smoke. Quality hardwood fuel is pivotal in cooking rich, flavorful food outdoors. A wood pellet grill is the only barbecue that can create thick, smooth smoke that evenly circulates, enveloping every inch of food with aromatic and memorable wood-fired flavor. Fire up consistent results every time, and taste the difference!

Whether preparing sweet and saucy Kansas City, flavorful Memphis, bold and spicy Texas, or succulent and tangy Carolina barbecue—smoke is the secret ingredient. Traeger transcends ordinary grill capabilities allowing you to grill, smoke, bake, braise, and roast in addition to traditional BBQ. From low and slow to hot and fast grilling, our even temperatures and consistent smoke output will transform you from a backyard novice into a Pit Master.

Food Grade Wood Pellets

Traeger has dedicated years to developing a blend of hardwoods with the compact cell structure needed for a balanced, dependable burn. Their formulas of natural hardwoods range from 100% blends of Oak, Maple and Alder for a mild flavor profile to 70% Alder combined with 30% Apple, Cherry, Hickory, Mesquite, or Pecan for a robust smoke, all with a 5% burn to smoke ratio. Traeger’s food grade pellets contain 2 all-natural ingredients: their signature blend of hardwoods and simple soybean oil, used in small portions as a natural die lubricant. No additives, no fillers or binding agents, just simply superior, unmatched flavor delivery.